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Artist Title Req # Info
L'Trimm Cars That Go Boom   6 Grab It! (1988)
LA Guns Never Enough   48 Cocked & Loaded (1989)
Laid Back White Horse   533 White Horse (Single) (1983)
Larry Day Fashion Girl   7 No image available
Laserdance Humanoid Invasion   109 Future Generation (1987)
LA Style James Brown is Dead   91 James Brown is Dead (Single) (1991)
LaTour Blue   64 LaTour (1991)
LaTour Dark Sunglasses   39 LaTour (1991)
LaTour Fantasy Soldiers   15 LaTour (1991)
LaTour Involved   30 LaTour (1991)
LaTour People Are Still Having Sex   242 LaTour (1991)
LaTour Psych   15 LaTour (1991)
Laura Branigan Gloria   394 Branigan (1982)
Laura Branigan Self Control   411 Self Control (1984)
Laura Branigan Solitaire   92 Branigan 2 (1983)
League of Nations Fade   10 No image available
The Legendary Pink Dots Under Glass   5 No image available
Lene Lovich Lucky Number   174 Stateless (1978)
Lene Lovich New Toy   100 Flex...Plus (1980)
Lenny Kravitz Are You Gonna Go My Way   510 Are You Gonna Go My Way (1993)
Lenny Kravitz Let Love Rule   95 Let Love Rule (1989)
Leo Sayer I Love You More Than I Can Say   22 No image available
Level 42 A Physical Presence   20 World Machine (1985)
Level 42 Hot Water   53 True Colours (1984)
Level 42 It's Over   43 Running in the Family (1987)
Level 42 Leaving Me Now   44 World Machine (1985)
Level 42 Lessons in Love   309 Running in the Family (1987)
Level 42 Love in a Peaceful World   36 Forever Now (1994)
Level 42 Running in the Family   102 Running in the Family (1987)
Level 42 Something About You   504 World Machine (1985)
Level 42 Starchild   56 Level 42 (1981)
Level 42 The Chant Has Begun   31 True Colours (1984)
Level 42 The Chinese Way   24 The Pursuit of Accidents (1982)
Level 42 The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)   32 Standing in the Light (1983)
Level 42 Turn It On   36 Level 42 (1981)
Lightning Seeds Pure   223 Cloudcuckooland (1990)
Lil Suzy Take Me in Your Arms   29 Love Can't Wait (1991)
Limahl The Neverending Story   389 The Neverending Story Soundtrack (1984)
Lime Your Love   57 No image available
Lindsey Buckingham & Stevie Nicks Trouble   87 Law and Order (1981)
Lindsey Buckingham Dancin' Across the USA   80 National Lampoon's Vacation Soundtrack (1983)
Lindsey Buckingham Holiday Road   539 National Lampoon's Vacation Soundtrack (1983)
Lionel Richie All Night Long (All Night)   292 Can't Slow Down (1983)
Lionel Richie Dancing on the Ceiling   433 Dancing on the Ceiling (1986)
Lionel Richie Hello   261 Can't Slow Down (1983)
Lionel Richie Running With the Night   207 Can't Slow Down (1983)
Liquid Liquid Cavern   45 Optimo (EP) (1983)
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam Can You Feel the Beat   290 No image available
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam Head to Toe   306 Spanish Fly (1987)
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam I Wonder If I Take You Home   292 I Wonder If I Take You Home (1985)
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam Lost in Emotion   327 Spanish Fly (1987)
Lisa Stansfield All Around the World   134 Affection (1989)
Lisa Stansfield All Woman   30 Real Love (1991)
Lisette Melendez Together Forever   32 Together Forever (1991)
Lita Ford & Ozzy Osbourne Close My Eyes Forever   115 Lita (1988)
Lita Ford Kiss Me Deadly   344 Lita (1988)
Little River Band The Night Owls   188 Time Exposure (1981)
Living Colour Cult of Personality   390 Vivid (1988)
Living Colour Open Letter (To a Landlord)   41 Vivid (1988)
Living in a Box Living in a Box   432 Living in a Box (1987)
Liza Minnelli Losing My Mind   70 No image available
LL Cool J Going Back to Cali   209 No image available
LL Cool J I Can't Live Without My Radio   41 Radio (1985)
LL Cool J I Need Love   74 Bigger and Deffer (1987)
Lloyd Cole Lost Weekend   39 Easy Pieces (1985)
Lloyd Cole Perfect Skin   72 No image available
London Beat I've Been Thinking About You   242 No image available
Lords of Acid Hey Ho!   267 Lust (1991)
Lords of Acid Paris France   22 Lust (1991)
Lords of the New Church Dance With Me   56 Is Nothing Sacred? (1983)
Lords of the New Church Live for Today   19 Is Nothing Sacred? (1983)
Lords of the New Church Open Your Eyes   32 No image available
Lotus Eaters The First Picture of You   39 No image available
Lou Gramm Just Between You and Me   43 Long Hard Look (1989)
Lou Gramm Midnight Blue   306 Ready Or Not (1987)
Louise Goffin Uptown Boys   29 No image available
Love and Rockets Ball of Confusion   58 No image available
Love and Rockets No New Tale to Tell   95 Earth, Sun, Moon (1987)
Love and Rockets So Alive   220 Love and Rockets (1989)
Love and Rockets Waiting for the Flood   12 Earth, Sun, Moon (1987)
Lovebug Starski Amityville (The House on the Hill)   40 House Rocker (1986)
Loverboy Heaven in Your Eyes   132 Top Gun (Soundtrack) (1986)
Loverboy Lovin' Every Minute of It   145 Lovin' Every Minute of It (1985)
Loverboy Take Me to the Top   88 Get Lucky (1981)
Loverboy Turn Me Loose   390 Loverboy (1980)
Loverboy Working for the Weekend   574 Get Lucky (1981)
The Lover Speaks No More "I Love You's"   54 No image available

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