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Welcome back, United Snakes. Right now, there are 11 listeners. Use the tabs above to access the various bits and pieces of this site. The alphabetical list of songs can be found on the Requests tab.


02/04/16 20:09
  There are some minor bugs in the system. Things like request counts not getting updated, and alphabetic lists out of order.. I plan to fix them soon. :)

11/12/15 23:39
  RADIO-1's hard drive is dying, which is causing the operating system to freeze up. I will be rebuilding the server very soon!
  UPDATE 11/13/15: The drive died completely, but not before I was able to take a backup. The new server is now built, but the software and media
  content has not yet been replaced on it. I am working on that, and the services should be restored sometime within the next 36 hours.  :)

08/10/15 17:10
  ★ I finally fixed the locale saving for people who have IPv6 addresses. It will probably still show up as RESERVED initially until I can update the GeoIP database functions to recognise IPv6 addresses.

04/20/15 19:16
  I noticed that all the B-52s songs (and probably others) were missing from the list. I have fixed it. Bad database query: INNER JOIN vs LEFT JOIN. :P

03/25/15 20:12
  Request count checking is currently managed by the streaming software. I have almost completed a rewrite of the system which will (once again) allow you to re-request songs which are already in the queue and cause them to move to the front of the queue (at the cost of one song request)

03/06/15 23:03
  This website is accessible via IPv6. The address is 2001:4978:000f:0040:0000:0000:0000:0002 (2001:4978:f:40::2)

02/17/15 20:54
  Song lyrics are back online (for songs which have lyrics available)
  Also, RELAY-1 is back online with 100 listener slots. :D
  The address is
  All MP3 playlist generators now point there as the default stream.

02/04/15 18:26
  • Fixed the apostrophe-songs request notification bug. Bad database query. ;)

02/01/15 22:30
  Increased stream bitrates to 64kbps+
  • Updated front-end UI in main interface
  • Updated front-end UI in web mini-player
  • Updated back-end WeaselScript modules
  • Updated back-end weasels
  • Updated front weasels
  • Fixed some songs which were missing from the requests list
  • Made a list of features which need to be completed/implemented
    ♦ Implemented the Contact page
        - Added a MAPTCHA anti-bot check, since I was spammed within 24 hours of putting it online.

01/27/15 19:44
  • Fixed the "&"-containing-songs request count fetch/update bug. Bad database query. :D

01/26/15 20:33
  • The random song listing loads MUCH faster now. Bad database query. :P

01/26/15 16:33
  • Fixed the songs-with-the-same-name request bug. Bad database query.

01/24/15 21:26
  • Fixed the problem with the request pages generating 503 errors, which I wasn't aware of until today. :P

04/11/14 16:22
  I'm going to fix and change some things soon.

01/31/13 18:00
  The power supply in the RADIO-1 server seems to have died. I will acquire a replacement within the next 24 hours and the station should be back up and running. Sorry about the down time. I blame cosmic rays.

01/18/11 05:01
  The web-based player now plays the AAC+ and MP3 streams (via Flash) and the Ogg stream (via Java) and seems to work in all the browsers I was able to test it on. :)

01/17/11 05:49
  Hmm. The llAvatar function was broken. It's fixed now. Again. ^_^

01/13/11 06:23
  The web-based player is working now, and I added an AAC+ stream (which sounds good!).. I just noticed that the request-song-again-to-place-it-at-the-front-of-the-queue feature has not been re-implemented. I will work on adding it again sometime soon.

05/29/03 14:47
  Woo hoo! The Weasel Radio Network was featured in an article by KUAM Channel 8 News in Guam!
  You can see the article here: (The original article is gone, this is an archived copy.)

Previous news is archived here..

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